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Category: Learning

I’ve done the courses, tutorials, videos. Where do I go from here to get hired?

You’ve been learning iOS development for months now. You been taking courses, like the Stanford iOS development course, or Angela Yu’s courses on Udemy. You’ve watched YouTube channels like Let’s Build That App. You’ve checked out random tutorials on the web from Medium, or you’ve bought some books from Ray Wenderlich (or even sprung for the full video subscription).

And still you’re frustrated… It doesn’t feel like I’m progressing anymore.

At some point, you realize that all of these resources only take you so far, and that you need something more.

What is the next step between learning, and getting hired?

There are several paths from there, but one easy way you can make yourself stand out is to make a “clone app:” an app that replicates the functionality of an existing, well-known app. Let’s talk about the many benefits of doing that.

When am I ready?

When we all start learning app development, there is a primary reason: to be able to develop and publish apps. Once you have some lessons, tutorials, and books under your belt, the nagging questions start:

How much do I need to learn?
What are the things I absolutely must know?
What are the right decisions? The best practices?
What if I haven’t learned the right thing yet?


BREAKING NEWS: There are no gatekeepers. There is no group of anointed gurus who will look at your learning, see that it is good, and decree, “Yes, you may now develop apps.” The good news is that if you are asking this question, the answer is simple: now.